i'm a caat that wants to be a mermaid

But a mermaid has no tears, and therefore she suffers so much more.

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The writers’ room of our Bob’s Burgers production office got a major face lift today!!! Special thanks to everyone who helped make this project happen!

Artwork by Phil Hayes and Tyler Garrison; Decal installed by Wrap Bullys

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Meet the crabeater seal (Lobodon carcinophaga). It’s a charming specialized predator that lives on the coasts of Antarctica. It feeds almost exclusively on krill (90% of their diet) and sometimes cephalopods and antarctic fish.

Technique: The seal gobbles mouthfuls of krill and water drains through the spaces created by its teeth.

Crabeaters have little food competition, but as pups they are heavily preyed upon by leopard seals.

If you love the crabeater mug go here for a short story told by the person who photographed it.

Top two photos from The Brain Scoop. If you love natural history, museums, and taxidermy, follow them!

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